Botswana youth: Are we too reliant on the government?

Todays post stems from a recent conversation I had with a young man who blatantly said that the government had failed the youth. My reaction was of course, shock!
As a young person who is born and bred in Botswana I know for a fact that I am beyond priveledged and I will tell you why..
Firstly, there is free education in public schools from grade 1 up until university and from what i hear government is to start free day care centres as well.
Now the important question of whether this free education is QUALITY EDUCATION is something for another day.

I am currently in my 3rd year of University,my parents do not have to worry about sustaining me financially because that is all taken care of. My fees for my 5 year law degree. PAID! I get book allowance every year as well as a monthly allowance for living expenses which is around P1400 ( $140)
For a long time the government has been financing people to go study abroad especially for courses not available in the country,all expenses paid. My mother went to study in Australia in the early 2000s just 2 years ago I saw people I went to high school with jet off to the UK. Just like that. One thing i know for sure is that it doesn’t matter who you are,or the kind of family you come from we are all given an opportunity to become educated in this country. I have never met anyone who has never set foot in a class room before,even the older generation.

Moreover,just a few months ago a new programme was launched by the government.The government took 150 Botswana youth who were either unemployed or did not go to school and put them through driving school. All expenses paid.
Although till today I do not quite understand the rationale behind it, how does having 150 drivers improve the economy again?
There is also a number of initiatives which promote entrepreneurial skills amongst us youth the most popular one being CEDA which financially aids young people who want to start their own businesses(dikgwebo)

I quite frankly do not understand why people feel the government has failed them. We need to understand as the youth that there is only so much the government can do for us. We need to learn self-reliance and not just stand there pointing fingers at the government for not funding your business, there are so many initiatives out there that people can use. I recently heard of the TEEP programme during a seminar hosted by Lerato Motshwaragole(Entrepreneur/Actress)  opportunities  such as these are open to anyone around Africa. There is also the YALI fellowship programme which I have seen many young Batswana taking full advantage off. So why can’t we do what our fellow agemates are doing.

At the end of the day our successes are all up to us and the work we put in. I’m not saying the government does not have a duty towards us,it does. But we also have to work towards our goals and find other means and stop depending solely on the government.

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Maiden’s bursary: Another example of how patriarchal societies aim to control women’s bodies


The maiden bursary in South Africa was created by the municipality in a certain district. This bursary program funds studies for young women but here is the catch, these young women have to prove they are virgins and remain virgins for the entire duration that they are in the program or else they will be kicked out. Therefore, if you are not a virgin that simply means no education. So far there are about 16 girls being funded by this scholarship, these young women are said to be examined regularly to check if their virginity is still intact. The underlying fact is virginity testing is an infringement of a woman’s right to privacy and dignity.

The mayor of this district Mayor Dudu Mazibuko said the rationale behind this program is to encourage young girls to abstain from sex and remain “pure” as well as focus on their education. This is very discriminatory. What about the boys? From my understanding sex is a two way street, or is it not? In actual fact what do my sexual shenanigans have to do with my education?

What are the chances that a bursary could be created for circumcised young men? I bet it never crossed their minds because of the fact that we live in a patriarchal society that is aimed at controlling women’s bodies and our sexuality. We are perceived as undignified puppets with neither a stance nor a voice.

With patriarchy not being a virgin equates you to a whore. You will be slut shamed and that is why most young women are not so sexually liberated, because of the fear of being ostracised yet men are applauded when they talk about their sexual conquests. Young women are taught to view their bodies in a negative light, as a source of shame.

One scenario that was not addressed was what about the young women who were raped? It’s a sad reality but rape statistics in South Africa are horrendous. And alot of these crimes are not reported for fear of not being taken seriously because after all patriarchy says it is the women who lead men on and beg to be raped, right?

I am so angry at people who are defending this program in the name of “African culture” . This culture thing has really been overused, it’s now a means we use in our patriarchal practices in order to suppress both girls and women.
Something one of my Twitter followers said was ” BLACK PEOPLE: stop defending patriarchy with its our culture. If our culture violates & kills women then I don’t want it”

With the current state in South Africa with regards to education being expensive all the government is doing is luring people into this unconstitutional program. Stop using culture to blackmail and manipulate women.

Below is the link to the petition to stop forced virginity testing for bursaries #virginitybursaries

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Women to blame for rape because of clothes they wear: Grace Mugabe – Times LIVE
This is one of the most outrageous things I have heard this week. I am very disappointed by this statement made by the first lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe,not only because she is a leader but because she is a WOMAN.
Women are fighting a battle against this African patriarchal system that says  Men are never at fault when it comes to matters of rape and that only women are.

We have been treated with so much disrespect and have been continuously demeaned and belittled.  There is so much rape, body-shaming and gender based violence occurring, we are clearly seen as nothing more than sex symbols by some of our African brothers,men who are clearly lacking in masculinity  and for a fellow woman(Grace) to make such ignorant statements will only be a setback for women.We need a united front!

Fact is Rape culture has been normalized. People believe that if a woman is raped she “led him on” or “her clothes were too revealing” .A woman’s body has never been hers alone it comes with so many politics. How come we don’t even have a say in the way we dress? Who are you to tell me my skirt is short? Why must a dress a certain way because of men who can not control their sexual desires?

What everyone must know is;

Sex cannot be anything but consensual. Anything else is just rape.

Rape is because of RAPISTS!


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Why I advocate for women’s empowerment & inclusion:

It baffles me how African’s countries believe they can develop economically, politically and socially when women are still being excluded from taking an active role in the leadership and the governing of the country.

In the words of Malala Yousafzai “We cannot all succeed when half of us are being held back”

And as Thomas Sankara once said “Women hold up half the sky!”




Let’s talk Beauty Standards! Who taught you to hate yourself?


How far will we go to change our physical appearance just so we feel accepted?

We live in a society were women feel the need to bleach their skin all in the name of “beauty”.We hate our kinky ‘nappy’ hair and end up using chemicals to straighten it out. we have it embedded in our minds that our natural black features are not desirable.

Who do we blame in this instance?
Can we say black women are changing their physical appearance because they have been brainwashed by western culture or are they just plain confused. Do we have a lack of self confidence and appreciation for our inner & outer beauty.

“My hair is a political statement integrated to myself perception confidence and self worth”

At the end of the day we have to wake up and realise that only we can define our own standard of beauty.
It’s time that we rise up and be who we really are meant to be and love ourselves wholeheartedly.. I am undeniably a Queen. Are you??

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Africa Debate — Is the ICC Targeting Africa Inappropriately?

The International Criminal courts(ICC) intervention in Africa has rattled cages in and out of Africa and some have gone as far as questioning its legitimacy and fairness.

The most underlying being WHY AFRICA??

“The ICC definitely has a credibility problem in Africa, and, at first glance, the criticism that the court has focused too much on African states is a fair one,”

Source: Africa Debate — Is the ICC Targeting Africa Inappropriately?





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